Respectful Riding in Portland

Skip scooter riders respect their neighbors, are courteous and always ride responsibly. If you like Skips in Portland and want our friends at PBOT to consider letting Skips live in Portland permanently, then you can be the best Skip Ambassador by respecting others, riding where you are supposed to, and not acting like scooters are an entitlement. eScooters in Portland are a privilege, not a right, so we ask you to always act accordingly.

Wear a Helmet

Skip riders are also required to wear helmets at all times while riding. Contact us to get a free helmet and look for our “Skip Scouts” who are there to help you and generally have some helmets to give away too.

Do Not Ride in City Parks

Skips cannot be ridden in any city park or city park walkway (even if you see other company’s rider doing it). Scooters should not be dropped off at any City park or city park walkway locations and riders must comply with all parking requirements.

Do Not Ride on Sidewalks

Riding Skips on sidewalks is not allowed. Portland Skips live in bicycle lanes and in vehicle lanes, never on the sidewalks. Keep them happy, they get sad when taken to places they are not supposed to live.



Skips cannot be parked in the sidewalk zones, bicycle lanes, or in vehicle lanes.

Shared Scooters cannot be parked:

Within a traffic island, median or traffic circle

Within five feet of any Crosswalk

Within five feet of a bicycle rack

Within five feet of a fire hydrant

Within five feet of a drinking fountain

Within five feet of any public art

Within five feet of any driveway, alley, or curb cut

Within five feet of any portion of an ADA Ramp

Within five feet of a marked disabled parking space

Within five feet of a marked loading or taxi zone

Within a Transit Platform unless allowed by Portland Streetcar or TriMet

Within 30 feet of a bus stop, as measured from the bus stop sign counter to traffic flow

Within the corner of two intersecting sidewalk corridors, as determined by the adjacent property lines extended

Where the unobstructed Through Pedestrian Zone is less than 6 feet

Where the Shared Scooter may cause damage to any landscaping, including but not limited to lawn, flowers, shrubs or trees

See if you qualify for discounted rides with Skip’s Rider Accessibility Program